Festival Organizzation
We have all the skills to organize film festivals and events. With a decade of experience we are unique and unsurpassed in the realization of a Festival. From the structure of the project to the promotion, from the programming of the event to the welcome of the authors and spectators
Film Commission
We know our territory well. Cilento is a unique and unrepeatable place. It has all the elements to shoot all kinds of films, we have beautiful coasts, fabulous hills and breathtaking mountains. The historical monuments and the thousand-year-old culture make our territory the flagship for international productions that do not need to travel far for the scenic landscape needs
Film Production
We are a leader in the production movies, with about 100 short films made and 2 feature films including IL MAESTRO + MARGHERITA selected in 10 countries around the world and awarded in U.S.A., SPAIN, MEXICO, ENGLAND and GERMANY